Antique New Stylish Design Paper Folding Futon

Furniture Fashion Simplify Portable Easy-fold Outdoor Garden Resting Chair


Folding Size (cm): H21*W29*δ09 cms

Stretch Length: 200 cms

Comes along with cushion

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Regular Price: ₹7,700.00

Special Price ₹6,930.00

Honeycomb Structure - Amazing draw ratio.
Unique Kraft Paper - Pure manual polish. Magnet inlaid to hold the shape.
Water Proof - Special design kraft paper has a waterproof membrane.
Bearing Force - The unique kraft paper has a strong bearin force, 300kg/person carrying capacity.

Wide selection of honeycomb paper furniture items.
Our honeycomb kraft paper furniture is 100% bio-degradable made from sustainable natural non poisonous materials.
Honeycomb paper structure makes our paper sofa's strong, flexible, expandable and easily folding for storage.
Be Eco, Be Green with honeycomb accordion kraft paper furniture.
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Additional Info
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